David Gourevitch serves as a CNBC commentator and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, and USA Today providing legal analysis and commentary on white-collar investigations.

David Gourevitch served as co-counsel in the criminal prosecution and six-week trial of the chief financial officer of A.R. Baron & Co.

Business Week, "A Chill on Wall Street" by Gary Weiss, February 9, 1998.

David Gourevitch represented a businessman in the criminal and regulatory investigations of fraud at Parmalat.

The Washington Post, "From Hometown Success to Global Scandal; Parmalat's Tangle of Financial Fraud Is Being Called Europe's Enron," by Peter S. Goodman, January 10, 2004.

David Gourevitch represented a company executive in the criminal and regulatory investigations of Adelphia.

The New York Times, "Indictments for Founder of Adelphia and Two Sons," by Geraldine Fabrikant, September 24, 2002

David Gourevitch served as lead counsel in the grand jury investigation of Meyers Pollack Robbins, a broker-dealer, which led to the conviction of more than 45 securities industry professionals.

Daily News (New York), "Traders Admit Taking 1M Bribes in 83M Stock Scam," by Barbara Ross and Bill Hutchinson, April 26, 2000.

David Gourevitch served as co-lead counsel in the investigation of insider trading by a compliance officer at major brokerage firms.

The New Yorker, "Marisa and Jeff," by Calvin Trilling, July 10, 2000.


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